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Types of Fostering

What types of foster care are there?

Different types of care to fit different needs.

At Red Kite Fostering, we offer a variety of placement options so that you can choose one that best suits your skills and availability.

Like carers, foster children come in a variety of ages, genders, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religions and more. The more foster carers there are, the more we can place children in homes that are most suitable for their lifestyle, background, beliefs and interests. In any case, a foster carer has no obligation to accept a placement that they find unsuitable.


It is also possible that the type of foster care you are able to provide may change over time, which will be discussed and reviewed with you if this becomes the case.

Use the tabs below to explore the different types of foster care we offer.

Long Term Foster Care

Sometimes children do not return to their birth family, which is where long term foster care is needed. This may be until the child or young person reaches the age of 18, and sometimes beyond so that they can move on when they are ready.

Some long term placements start out as short term. If later down the line, both the child and the foster carer want the arrangement to become long term this will be discussed with you by the child’s social worker and the Red Kite team.

A huge benefit of long term fostering is the rewarding feeling of watching a child grow up, seeing them reach their potential and being part of a significant positive impact in their life.

  • For children who need care for a longer period of time

  • May be an extension of a short term placement

  • Carers have a larger input in the upbringing of a foster child

  • Carers build a stronger bond with the children they foster long term

  • Offers children more consistency and stability

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