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The Fostering Process

Your Fostering Journey

The journey to becoming a foster carer can vary in length, but we will be with you every step of the way.

The process can sometimes take a while, due to the fact that thorough, in-depth assessments of you and your family are necessary when the safety and wellbeing of a child are at the centre. We will keep you updated throughout every step of the journey and remain by your side after we welcome you to the Red Kite Fostering family.

Below we have broken down of each stage in the process of becoming a foster carer.

Get in Touch.

We will help you with information and advice on becoming a foster carer. You can contact us by phone, email, social media or in-person to have a chat. It’s totally informal and we can send you some information on what it’s really like to be a foster carer; the challenges, support, training and rewards, both financial and personal.

Once you’ve read through the information pack and decided you’d like to know more, we can visit you to chat it through further. When you have all the information you need, you can decide whether or not to make a formal application.

When you’ve made the decision to apply, a social worker will be assigned to help you with the application process; they will guide you through the necessary steps and together you will prepare a report on your suitability to foster. Crucial to the process is pre-approval training which will help prepare the whole family for fostering.



Once your assessment is complete, your social worker will submit a full report to the Red Kite Fostering panel who will consider your suitability to foster. The agency decision maker will then make a final decision based on what the panel recommend.

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Deciding to Apply.

Once you are approved to foster, it can take a while to find a suitable child or children to be placed with you. A good match between a child and a foster family is essential. You will always have a qualified supervising social worker to help and support you in every aspect of your role.


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