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Earth Day Activities to Get the Family Involved

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Earth Day is a day to celebrate our planet and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our Earth and taking action.

Since the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, it has generated public support for the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

The theme this year is Invest In Our Planet - because a green future is a prosperous future.

With the current global crises of the modern day, some children may have worries about the future they're going to grow up in. Getting children involved in Earth Day is a great way to educate them on how to look after the Earth, spend some quality time together and offer some reassurance about what they can do to help.

Below are some Earth Day inspired activities that you could take part in with the young people in your care.

Earth Day image

Paint Rocks - A simple crafty activity to decorate the house or the garden, you could also paint them with the theme of Earth Day or positive messages and reminders.

Have a Car-Free Day - Where possible, try out a day of walking, cycling, skating or scooting everywhere you need to go! It's great exercise for the family and reduces your carbon footprint.

Go on a Nature Walk - Things like birdwatching, playing in the woods, looking under rocks and in ponds for wildlife can be interesting and educational for younger children and help teach them to have compassion for wildlife. You could make a game out of a woodland walk by doing a nature scavenger hunt like this one.

Family nature walk

Outdoor Art Projects - Create an art project from natural materials like fallen leaves, rocks and branches to get creative outdoors.

Make Signs for Around the House - This is an opportunity to get creative and also remind us to practice energy-saving habits like making sure the tap's turned off, switching off TVs and lights when leaving a room and putting food scraps in the compost bin instead of the regular waste.

Do Some Gardening - Planting a tree or growing flowers and edible plants (herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and more) helps us to get outdoors, eat naturally and practice mindfulness whilst gardening. It can also be a learning experience for children to practice care and patience and see the rewards of it from the process of watching their plants grow.

Gardening together

Nature Watch

Simply sitting and watching clouds, birds, or the sunrise or sunset can be a pleasant calming activity for children.

Make Homes for Wildlife

A DIY project can be a great way to get n touch with nature and respect the creatures that live in it. Building birdhouses, bug hotels and hedgehog holes in the garden or in the park are lovely activities to get the family together and bring wildlife to your home. Growing Family have a great article on how to make your own bird feeders, as well as lots of other environmentally friendly things to do with children.

Go Litter Picking - It's not the most exciting activity, but it teaches children healthy habits for putting waste in the bin and benefits the neighbourhood and the environment too.

Picking up litter

Upcycling Project - Redecorating old furniture or repurposing other people's old things saves money and reduces unnecessary waste, it could also be a chance for older children to learn some DIY skills too!

Camp Out in the Garden - All you need is a tent, some blankets and pillows, a campfire and maybe some cards or board games for a little staycation in the garden - and it helps to appreciate being indoors in the warm!

Contribute to an Environmental Charity - This can help children feel positive about the future by giving to a good cause.

We hope you have a happy Earth Day and enjoy some quality time whilst doing good for the planet!

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